About me

For Sandro Madsen, it’s all about keeping it real! Each line is a meditation, a gentle force, that carries them beyond any delineation of any thought- provoked boundary instilled by any externally projected fears. They allow the pen or brush to move without agenda, naturally releasing control, inspired by the experience that anything is possible. There is an expressed energy that freely flows organically, intuitively, on paper, canvas, or whatever medium is being used to reveal their vision. Sandro’s mission is to touch, provoke, to unravel, to discover, and to connect the places within us; physically, intellectually, emotionally, and energetically, and empower the need to fully embrace and accept oneself openly without hesitation or restriction; to accept all those places, parts of ourselves, that are yet to be discovered or remain untouched. Whether the artwork will occupy a space in a home, workplace, spiritual space, or travel as wearable art, Sandro’s use of color, geometric shapes, lines, and textures, will invite you on a journey, an adventure within and outside of yourself, inspiring you to keep it real!

Sandro Madsen is a queer non-binary identified multimedia, multifaceted, artist and Creative Producer residing in Brooklyn, New York. Having been born in the USA and raised in Italy, Denmark, Israel, and the Tri-state area, and as a multilingual artist, Sandro aims to speak beyond the spoken word; to question and travel beyond the physical, and metaphysical, boundaries and barriers within and without oneself. Sandro’s goal as an artist is to inspire and empower others to share themselves honestly while expressing my own authentic voice unapologetically.



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